November 4, 2014

Past Halloweens to Present

So it's November 4th? I'm still in the Halloween mood (When am I not?!) and I wanted to share some of my past Halloween looks with you before posting my next outfit of the day! For me, Halloween lasts year round, but when it's finally October it's great to share the spirit of the season with others. Scouring through countless costume and craft stores for cool and creepy Halloween decor has become one of my favorite yearly activities. 

My enthusiasm for Halloween really stands out when it comes to dressing up! I love putting together costumes from pieces I can wear later on even after Halloween is over. 

So...without further ado...My Halloween looks past to future...

Sugar Skull
This look was from my first year of college. So...2012? I had been researching the history of Dia De Los Muertos and fell in love with sugar skulls. I combined my favorite pieces from different sugar skulls to create this look. How awesome is incorporating spider webs?! 


Skull Face 
I believe I did this skull look the same year as the sugar skull. I did this for the trick or treaters. Here I'm wearing my prom dress from high school, it's very 1980s with its poofy lace skirt and velvet upper. I was inspired from Lady Gaga's face makeup from her "Born This Way" music video. I actually ended up putting this costume and makeup together in about an hour. I remember I was running late from school so I had to quickly pick a makeup look and the sugar skull makeup took too long.

The Bride of Frankenstein
Frankenstein's monster has always been my favorite classic horror movie monster. I think I actually managed to have three different costumes in 2012 (I don't know how, but I was inspired!).  My friend, Rachel, joined me by dressing up as Frankenstein while I was the bride. The hair for this was defiantly the hardest part, there's actually a cup hidden under all that hair! I made my costume from a thrifted white sheet and cut it into the shape of the bride's gown. The sheet was slightly too long on me, so as the night went on, the gown got tattered up a bit, but it ended up making the whole look even better.

So Beetlejuice is my all time favorite movie! So of course I had to dress up like him! This look is from last Halloween. This was my first time experimenting with liquid latex and it was so worth it! I used fake floral moss from the craft store for the mold on Beetlejuice's face. I also bought a striped blazer and pants for this that I now just wear year round.

Edward Scissorhands
And last but not least...Edward Scissorhands! This look was so fun to do this past week. I made the scars out of liquid latex and then used spirit gum to attach them to my face. I then used the lightest shade of Avon foundation I could find and sealed the look in with white face powder. I obtained the look of my eyes with white, pink, purple, and black shades in my Avon eyeshadow pallet. 

 I made the scissor-hands last minute (basically the day I dressed up). I stenciled and cut foam board then cut thin pvc pipe (with the help of my boyfriend, Rob) into short pieces with slits cut across on one end (to stick the "blades" into). I attached the two together with duck tape to secure, then painted them silver (I used Modern Metals spray paint in Champagne Silver). I then just wore a black tee shirt with my leather jacket. And bought the leather pants at Kohl's with a birthday gift card. For my hair I just pinned it up crazily and used black colored costume hair spray.

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