September 22, 2014

Floral and Stripes

Good news! I found my camera attachment that I lost a few days ago! (Well...technically my boyfriend, Rob, found it because he's great at finding everything I lose. Thank you Rob!) But this means I can continue easily taking pictures of my outfits on my own. During the time that it was missing though, I found these outfit photos from earlier this year that I never uploaded. 

So here is a spring/fall look where I played with pattern mixing! Unsure about pattern mixing? I usually am too. With this look, the stripes are neutral enough that they act as a basic, while the white in the shirt still brings out the light tones in the skirt. 

 I found this stripped top thrifting a while back and it's so versatile! It also looks great paired with light skinnies and black boots, or high-waisted shorts and a blazer...basically anything and everything! I believe I found this floral skirt at the mall a while back when high-low skirts were really in. I still love this skirt though, and floral is timeless. To add some edge and keep the outfit from being too feminine and delicate I added the torn tights and thrifted ankle boots. Its honestly hard for me too keep any sheer tights from getting ripped...but I kind of like how every pair gets distressed in their own unique way. 

Striped Shirt: Thrifted
Floral High-Low Skirt: the Mall (possibly Forever 21? I can't remember)
Leather Ankle Boots: Thrifted

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