September 20, 2014

Sparky's Return

I love this cute "Sparky's Return" graphic shirt that I picked up on clearance at Hot Topic (I think it was only about $5). How can you not like Frankenweenie with all its classic horror references?! These distressed high waisted shorts also happen to be from a Hot Topic sale and were only $8! 

The added flannel was thrifted and adds an effortless grunge touch to the overall look. In my opinion there is really no reason to ever pay full price for a flannel, if you know where to look there is always tons of variety! At your local thrift make sure to check ALL sections, little boy's larges usually fit me and in the mens section you can find some nicely oversized ones. 

These white Dr. Martens were bought with my first paycheck a while back. I researched for a while before I bought them, and the best deal was on Amazon (link below). 

Unfortunately after shooting these photos I lost my camera attachment that allows me to remotely focus and take pictures of myself. I really hope I find it soon! It makes blogging so much easier!

T-shirt: Hot Topic
Shorts: Hot Topic
Flannel: Thrifted
White Leather Doc Martens: Amazon 

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