September 17, 2014

Spinal Tap

Do you ever spend half your day thinking about the exact outfit you are going to wear later? (Because I totally do!) Well today I was in an all black ensemble kind of mood (Honestly when am I not in that mood? Ha) I had a particular black maxi dress in mind, but of course when I went to get ready it was no where to be found! Isn't that the worst? Fortunately, my quick improvisation was still photo-worthy. 

It's my favorite time of year here in Ohio now where layering is everything. Time to break out all my leggings and tights! This particular pair of leggings I wore today are surprisingly from Walmart from when Miley Cyrus had a line there years ago. (It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but hey they were a good price, still fit, and have a cool reflective quality to them!) 

I then paired my leggings with this sheer black top from Hot Topic. I love that the stand out feature of this piece is on the back, a spine! It's eye catching and possibly a bit disturbing to some? But I'm obsessed! And when I went to school, I made sure to carry a large purse instead of a book bag to make sure the back could be seen.

Finally, I'm wearing my favorite sneakers, the studded HOMG by Jeffrey Campbell. With the "flatform" they provide me with a small height boost, but are still comfy enough to walk all over campus in. 

Spine Top: Hot Topic
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: HOMG by Jeffrey Campbell

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