March 17, 2014

"BAD" Ass Camouflage

I made sure not to miss out on an opportunity to wear green this year for St. Patrick's Day. I don't have much green in my wardrobe, but I do own some camouflage pieces and today I chose this vintage USMC military jacket. I found it at a thrift store for only $10. 

Camo is such an effortlessly bad ass print. This jacket is so perfectly warn in too. I also added some buttons I've acquired in the past year and small metal studs. My buttons from left to right: Knives by Andy Warhol, cover art from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, and a Ouiji Board. I try to always keep studs around for craft projects (especially personalizing thrifted items!). This week I found a couple packages of small studs at Michael's craft store. You can also find cheap studded belts at the thrift store and remove the studs to use later. 

I also painted this "BAD" t-shirt. I love singular words on t-shirts, and couldn't find exactly what I wanted in a store so I decided to make my own. Painting shirts is probably my favorite craft project! I usually load up on plain t-shirts and fabric paint during sales at craft stores. And for inspiration, I'll usually research fonts (I use FontSpace!) and use those as a reference when drawing my design.


Camo Military Jacket: Thrifted ($10)
"BAD" Shirt: DIY
Pants: Forever 21
Combat Boots: Forever 21
Knives Button: Andy Warhol Museum
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Button: Thrifted
Ouiji Board Button: Hot Topic
Studs: Michaels

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