February 9, 2014

New York Fashion Week Highlights F/W 2014 [part 1]

The weather here in Ohio has been pretty extreme lately. I can't even remember the last time the temperature was above freezing! So it's been pretty much impossible to get any outfit pictures taken. I keep wearing cute outfits in hopes of some tamer weather! But lately, I really don't want to be outside longer than necessary.

So I've been spending my extra free time keeping up with New York Fashion Week. So here are some of my highlights thus far, and I'll continue to post more throughout the week.

Charlotte Ronson 

She captured the modern, stylish New York City girl in such a badass and feminine way. 


The Style: Edgy pieces mixed with feminine classics 
The Models: Fresh, rosy lipstick and blush with minimal eye makeup
What Stands Out: Midi skirts and black socks paired with black heels

Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan

This fairly new designer put out dark high fashion ready-to-wear pieces with lavender accents throughout the collection. 

The Style: Mixed dark fabrics and patterns make this collection interesting and edgy 
The Models: Heavy eye makeup with lavender hair accents 
What Stands Out: The unique way pieces from sheer button up blouses were incorporated into her designs. And all those fabulous combat boots!


This unusual collection consists of unexpectedly paired pieces that create a 60s mod inspired look with a grunge edge

The Style: Neutrals paired with bold eclectic pieces
The Models: Undone in the perfect way with dark eye makeup and tousled hair
What Stands Out: Tailored pieces, plaid, faux furs, and striped socks

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